Calais cocoons  

We have named these cocoons « Calais » as a tribute to the northern French town, famous for their mechanical lace. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was in Calais that English industrial pioneers installed the first looms with the desire to imitate hand-made lace. The superb lace museum in Calais retraces the history of this craft which first appeared in the 16th century.

Available in this departement:

Calais Cocoons per unit

Calais cocoons are made of three strands of twisted mercerised cotton. They are presented in small cocoons of 5 grammes (approx. 110 m) making them pleasant and easy to use.

Calais Cocoons boxes of 12

Calais cocoons are a coloured 3 ply lace thread, the term ply meaning strands. This thread is singed rapidly in a gas flame which removes any fluff and makes it smooth. The Calais threads are then mercerised, a treatment which makes the thread shiny and soft to the touch.

Calais cocoons assortments

With our six Calais cocoon assortments, you can gradually discover this thread. There are two assortments of bright colours, two assortments of pastel tones and twi assortments of shaded colours. All the colours are different except the 6180 (black) which you can find in assortments 1 and 3, and the 6100 (white) found in both assortment 3 and 4.

Calais thread displays

In the same vintage style as our Fil Au Chinois spool displays, these are adapted to our Calais cocoons, threads for bobbin lace.

Available in two versions of 24 Calais colours - classic and variegated - as well as a version containing the complete ranges. Although they are not as deep as our shop drawers, they can be placed on them to add a charming addition to your workshop.