Box of 12 spools Gloving thread - Assortment 4 - bright tones

12 spools gloving thread - Assortment 4 Bright tones

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Bright tones gloving thread assortment 4

An assortment of 12 colours vintage tones Fil Au Chinois gloving thread: 866 (lawn green), 808 (acqua green), 361 (straw), 752 (cornflower), 650 (navy blue), 180 (black), 290 (café au lait) , 390 (orange), 501 (fuchsia), 525 (red), 535 (garnet) et 458 (plum).

As the name states, gloving thread was used in the past for sewing and repairing gloves. Uses have changed, but the name remains the same.
Nowadays, gloving thread is used for patchwork and appliqué hand stitching.
It is a waxed cotton, n°120, both fine and solid.

100% cotton.
Length on each spool: 150m.
Size of each spool: diametre 2.5cm – length 4.8cm.

Presented in a nice Fil Au Chinois box.
Size of box : length 10cm - width 7.5cm - heigh 5.5cm.
Those boxes are also available empty.

Three other assortments of this Gloving Thread are available.
A printed colour chart is available.

Gloving Thread can also be used for very fine cross stitch. It is quite stiff, making it pleasant to use. Here you can see one page from the Sajou albums stitched on a linen fabric with 12 threads per centimetre.

Check out our authenthic haberdashers thread display case containing 30 colours of this Gloving thread.

As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, the quality product is entirely MADE IN FRANCE

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