Pochette pour réalisation des Albums Sajou série rouge 02

Doll's Haberdashery Sajou red album series 02

7,50 €



Second series red albums Sajou replicas - scale 1/12

These Sajoured miniatures albums are to cut out and fold.

This folder contains the complete series of red albums from numbers 908 to 915. Each album is different, exactly like the full-size versions.

The front of the card is also printed so, once the album is folded, the back represents one of our blue and white papers.

Each album is a 1/12 scale replica of our real albums and measures 12 mm by 10 mm.

All the cutting and folding lines are indicated to make work easier.

Presented in a Sajou folder.

We recommend you store these albums in the Sajou Album Display Case.