Fil Au Chinois polyester metallized sewing thread - 1000m cone n°265 Navy blue

Polyester metallized sewing thread - 1000m - 265 - Navy Blue

32,46 €


Navy blue 265 - Metallized thread 1 000m cone

Colour n°265 - Navy blue
Metallized sewing thread n°40 - 100 % polyester.

Length of thread: 1 000m.
Diametre of the thread: 0.35mm.

Size of cone: diametre, on base 6cm /on top 4cm - highness, 8.5cm.

Attention : these threads presented on cones are available on order.
Delivery times can vary according colours and quantities.

This metallized thread exists in 28 colours.
A printed colour chart is available.
This thread is also available on 100m spools.

The five colours silver (n°122), gold (n°102), old gold (n°110), copper (n°130) and bronze (n°145) are also available in thicker, n° 15, which is made of three twisted strands of n°40.
They are presented on
225m reels.

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As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, this product is MADE IN FRANCE.

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