Tacking thread  

Tacking thread, as the name indicates, is used for tacking together different pieces of fabric before sewing them together definitively. Traditionally, the colour of the tacking thread is in stark contrast to the colour of the fabric, making it easy to see and remove.
Fil Au Chinois tacking thread is available in 6 colours. 
As it breaks so easily, it should not be used for sewing purposed other than tacking.

Available in this departement:

Cotton tacking thread Sajou cocoons

The Fil Au Chinois tacking thread is available in small 80 metre cocoons, an economical presentation for a thread that is not often used. Sewing thread cocoons are one of Maison Sajou's specialities, inspired by a presentation normally reserved for the textile industry.

Also available in many colours of polyester thread.

Cotton tacking thread reels

Tacking or basting is the same thing. At first it can seem fastidious and a waste of time.
It is, however, an extremely important step before machine sewing which can avoid all sorts of mishaps.
Basting is normally done using large stitches.
Make sure the thread contrasts strongly with the fabric.

Cotton tacking thread small cones

Although tacking stitches are large and spaced out, do not use too large a needle, which could result in unsightly holes in the fabric.
Professionals usually tack in the seam surplus, slightly to the edge of the definitive stitching.

Cotton tacking thread large cones

Most of the Fil Au Chinois sewing threads are available in professional presentation on cones or king spools. In general, cones consist of thread wound on truncated cardboard tubes and king spools are a sort of large spool, as with our patchwork and gloving threads. Threads that have been slightly waxed cannot be wound on cones.