Glossy variegated thread 

The Fil Au Chinois polyester fancy thread comes in shaded colours or interesting blends of contrasting colours, perfect for patchwork and decorative embroidery. This 100% polyester thread is a filament yarn. Whether natural, artificial or synthetic, yarns are either spun or filament. With the exception of silk, most natural fibres are spun. They have to go through numerous treatments before being transformed into thread. However, polyester being a synthetic fibre can be treated by filament. The liquid base matter is passed through a channel (forming the thread) and once cooled forms a continuous fibre.

Available in this departement:

Variegated thread spools

This Fil Au Chinois polyester filament thread exists in shaded and contrasting colours. The two terms are easy to understand: a shaded thread has a base colour in different tones from light to dark, contrasting threads are an alliance of different colours. Attention: these threads are dyed on large cones and then wound on spools. It is technically impossible to start this winding at exactly the same place, which is why some spools can have a different aspect. However, the frequency of shading or contrasting is always the same.

Variegated thread cones

Fil Au Chinois multicolour and variegated sewing threads are dyed and wound on large cones before being rewound onto reels. It is technically impossible to start each reel at the same place and it is possible that the aspect on the reel differs to our photos. This also explains the difference of aspect between spools and cones. However, the frequency of the shading remains the same from one reel to the next.