Metallized sewing thread 

Our Fil Au Chinois n°40 metallized thread is for hand or machine stitching.
It is made from a thin gimped metalloplastic strip. Metalloplastic signifies that it is not made of metal, but a metal-like material.
A gimped thread is made of one thread wound around another in a coil. On this thread, the coil is so tightly wound that there is no space between the coils, which is why it remains intact, even when used on a machine.

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Metallized thread size 40 - 100m spools

The Fil Au Chinois metallized threads are available in the classic gold, silver and copper, but also 15 other amusing colours such as red, violet, green or blue.
They can be mixed with other threads for lace or embroidery.
However, it must be noted that these threads have nothing to do with those used for goldwork, which do actually contain real gold.
The Royal School of Needlework site is worth looking at, to discover this and other method of embroidery.

Metallized thread size 40 - 1000m cones

The Fil Au Chinois threads can be distinguished by their labels: these metallized threads have a grey label, which is used for all our "fancy" threads, including the variegated and rayon threads. The cotton threads have a green label, the patchwork threads a pink label, the gloving threads a turquoise label and the natural silk a black label. It is the same colour coding for the cones.

Metallized thread size 15 - 225m reels

These Fil Au Chinois n°15 metallized thread reels are perfect for bobbin lace, crochet, embroidery and, of course, jewellery making, as they do not fray.

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