Gloving thread 

As the name states, gloving thread was used in the past for sewing and repairing gloves. It used to be sold on small wooden bobbins, which we have now reproduced and can be found in our Miniature Wooden Bobbins sectionUses have changed, but the name remains the same. Nowadays, Fil Au Chinois gloving thread  is used for patchwork and appliqué hand stitching. Its a waxed cotton, n°120, both fine and solid. You can find our explanation on thread numbering in Madame Sajou's Diary.

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Gloving thread spools

This fine and resistant Fil Au Chinois gloving thread is used for patchwork and appliqué. Appliqué, or applied work, is the stitching of a motif on a base. Among the most popular are Hawaiian appliqué motifs with their symmetrical forms and bright colours. The story goes that it was the wives of pastors wanting to evangelise the Pacific islands during the 1820's who taught the craft to the natives. However, these native ladies with their joyfulness and imagination, found the puritan quilting too austere for their tastes, and adapted it taking inspiration from the local flora.

Gloving thread cones

Even if it is recommended for patchwork, appliqué and quilting, Fil Au Chinois gloving thread can also be used for embroidery. It gives great results for very fine cross stitch patterns. It is always amusing to try out different threads for familiar techniques.