Waxed patchwork thread 

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Waxed patchwork thread 100m spools

Successive waves of emigration took patchwork to the United States, where it developped in a distinctive style. The lack of materials led to the inventive construction of blocks, which could be easily transported on long journeys. Each community added their own symbolism, colours and techniques. It is one of the reasons that patchwork today is such a rich and interesting universe to discover.

Waxed patchwork thread 1000m cones

Our Fil Au Chinois special thread for patchwork is a waxed thread which has been passed through a bath containing a mixture of starch, fish glue and beeswax. This makes the thread smooth and resistant, whilst also giving it a relative stiffness. It is fine on most sewing machines, but may not be suitable for certain cheaper, less powerful models. We recommend testing with a spool before investing in cones.

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