Cotton sewing thread 

How is the thread thickness calculated? We are asked this question on an almost daily basis. It is not simple, especially as the calculation differs in function of the thread. In principle, France uses metric numbering (NM) since 1942 for cotton yarn: a thread measuring 1,000 metres with a constant weight of 1,000 grams. Thus a N°1 is a thread which weighs 1000 grams for 1,000 metres and, for example, a N°40 is a thread weighing 1,000 grams for 40,000 metres. But, for historical reasons, not all the producers follow this rule. You will find a detailed article in Madame Sajou's Diary.

Available in this departement:

Cotton thread spools

The Fil Au Chinois thread labels work by colours. The cotton thread has a green label, the all-purpose polyester has a violet label, the patchwork thread a pink label, gloving thread a turquoise label, the creative threads (metallic, variegated and rayon) a grey thread and the silk threads are decorated with a black label. Our 100m spools of cotton thread with their green label are available in 96 colours.

Cotton thread large spools

The Fil Au Chinois cotton threads are singed and mercerised. When a thread is singed, it is passed through a gas flame which removes all the fluff and makes it smooth. Mercerisation is a process involving treating the thread with a caustic soda solution, which makes it easier to dye, shinier and more resistant to rotting.

Cotton thread small cones

As well as 100 metre and 400 metre spools, the classic Fil Au Chinois cotton thread is also available in 1000 metre cones.
It is a very economical way to purchase thread for a semi-professional use.

Cotton thread large cones

For large sewing projects or for a professionnal use, we recommand using our Fil Au Chinois cotton sewing thread on 5000m cones.

Wooden cotton thread spools

When Ets Toulemonde took over the Fil Au Chinois brand in 2007, these wooden bobbins were one of the first products we developped together. They represent the quintessence of vintage haberdashery. Beautiful, solid and a taste of days gone by rummaging through granny's sewing box. The thread is the same quality as on our green label classic cotton.

French traditional costumes reels

These reels representing ladies in traditional regional costumes are a combination of two of my favourite things: vintage haberdashery and traditional dress. In fact, the two subjects are relatively close because the costumes are made up of many fabrics, ribbons, lace and embroidery. The labels for these reels are directly inspired by cross stitch models which can be found in the Red Sajou albums n°s 913 and 914.

The thread on these reels is the same quality as our Fil Au Chinois classic cotton.