Fil Au Chinois thread display with 30 variegated thread spools - 150m

Fil Au Chinois thread display with 30 variegated thread spools - 150m

199,17 €



Variegated sewing thread in vintage display

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This vintage style thread display contains one of each spool: 196 (yellow/brown), 151 (burgundy), 108 (buff), 148 (beige), 159 (orange/green), 224 (yellow/kaki), 206 (blue/pink), 135 (raspberry), 200 (pink/burgundy), 115 (pink), 146 (pink/grey), 110 (yellow/pink), 156 (dark grey), 154 (grey), 203 (red/grey), 118 (red), 117 (cherry), 109 (red/gold), 107 (orange/red), 106 (yellow/orange), 103 (yellow), 141 (kaki), 226 (light green), 140 (green), 144 (multicolor), 132 (dark blue), 128 (blue), 126 (rainbow), 136 (pastel), 138 (pastel multicolor).  
(value of the spools: 30 x 4,15 = 124,50€).

Attention : to order this display, please contact us:
Because of their recent popularity, it is possible that some models
may be momentarily unavailable.
Also, the shipping costs have to be calculated by the volumetric weight
for certain destinations.

This display case is comprised of a wooden exterior with six slightly slanted shelves with a separation between each spool. The top and each side are decorated with a large round label in Fil Au Chinois colours with a diametre of 15.5 cm. Each shelf is decorated with a label indicating the colour numbers (this thread display can store 240 spools, eight per colour).

This display is made from beechwood and birchwood.

Dimensions of display case: length, 38.5cm - depth, 29.5cm - height: 35,5cm. Attention: this display case cannot be dismantled.

Weight including the shipping box: 12 kg.

Thread spools for this display are here.

This display case combines perfectly with our shop drawers in versions one drawer or two drawers.

Although this display case is normally sold exclusively to shops,
we also want our clients to be able to buy items which are now
unobtainable in their vintage version.

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