Printed colour chart Retors Linen thread

Printed colour chart Retors Linen thread

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Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread colour chart

The word “Retors” means that the thread has been re-twisted, a necessary operation in thread production. This one is three strands that have been twisted together to give a smooth, resistant thread often used in leather work. It's a high quality thread which can be used for quality jewelry making, DIY...

Our linen thread is waxed, which means it has passed through a starch bath to which bees wax has been added. It is then brushed with horse hair and stretched. These operations ensure a thread which is smooth and resistant for the most rigid stitches.

Lin Retors Extra is available in 23 colours.

The twisted waxed linen n°40 is avalaible :

- in star cards, 20 metres length,

- in small spools, 30 metres length,

- in capsules, 50 metres length,

- in large spools, 350 m length.

As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, these quality products are entirely MADE IN FRANCE.