Discovery assortment n° 1 - vintage colours

Discovery assortment Retors du Nord thread box 12 vintage colours

€ 25.00


12 vintage tones Retors du Nord embroidery floss

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This pretty box contains an assortment of 12 vintage colours: 2266 (deer), 2445 (olive), 2469 (rosewood), 2409 (bordeaux), 2350 (purple), 2882 (sapphire), 2332 (auburn), 2005 (black), 2190 (candyfloss), 2180 (metal), 2004 (off white) et 2196 (ivory).

The price is for the thread and we offer the storage box. 

Length on each card: 20 metres in four strands. 
Size of box: length 15cm - width 12cm - heigh 5cm. 

For this thread, a colour chart and a printed colour charted are available.

The Retors du Nord comes in four separable strands and can be used as any other embroidery thread. It is, however, slightly finer than DMC's stranded cotton. It is also slightly shinier and slides better.