Boîte 12 cocons Calais Coloris 6931 - Bonbon

12 Calais Cocoons box variegated lace thread 6931 - Bonbon

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Calais cocoons 6931 Bonbon box of 12

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12 Calais cocoons box 6931 - variegated in bonbon.

This colour lace thread is made of 3 strands of twisted mercerised cotton (the equivalent of DMC n° 80).The presentation in small cocoons each weighing 5 grammes (approx. 110 metres) makes it simple to use: the thread is pulled from the centre, so it doesn't knot. Each cocoon is labelled.

Presented in a charming box printed and labelled Fil Au Chinois.

Our Calais cocoons are also available in six assortments of twelve different colours or individually.

Our Calais cocoons are MADE IN FRANCE.

This lace cotton is also an excellent sewing thread.

A Calais cocoons colour chart and a printed Calais cocoons colour chart are available.

Check out the large box containing the complete collection of Calais cocoons, as well as the empty box to keep them tidy.

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