Wooden storage box for threads - Cocoon label

Wooden storage box for threads - Cocoon label

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Cocoons label large wooden box for thread

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This lovely rectangular box is perfect for storing your thread spools or cocoons. With a separation inside, you can range side by side two rows of spools.

Some examples of what it can hold:
- 16 large Fil Au Chinois wooden bobbins,
- Loads of thread cocoons,
- 24 Fil Au Chinois plastic spools,
- the complete collection of Fil Au Chinois white and ecru lace bobbins.
It is also perfect as a sewing box.

A large blue label with all the different labels of our thread cocoons decorates the inside and cover of the lid. 
The box and lid frame are made of alder wood, the lid itself is made from birch plywood.
The box closes by means of two small metal clasps.

Dimensions: length 32cm - width 15cm - height 4cm.


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