Box to embroider galluchat style blue large model

Box to embroider galluchat style blue large model

Blue box to embroider in cross stitch

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€ 12.00

This model is covered with a galuchat style paper, the type used in days gone by to make sewing sets.

Dimensions of box: height 3.5 cm - diametre 7.3 cm. Metal lid and base. The interior is made of cardboard, coloured metal.

Sold with a round grey cardboard disc and mounting explanations (in English, German and French).

Presented in a pretty floral box, yellow or pink according to availability.

You will need a square of 12 count linen thread for your embroidery: see our collection of 23 colours

For best results, your embroidered motif should not exceed 7 cm width/height. On 12 count linen, this enables you to use a motif measuring 38-39 points using traditional cross stitch and the double in half cross stitch.  

Our suggestions:

  • the regional costumes in our Red album N° 913. Attention - to fit on the cover, you should sew in HALF CROSS STITCH over ONE fabric thread. 
  • the crowns of flowers in our Red album N° 912. Again, these should be sewn in HALF CROSS STITCH over ONE fabric thread.
  • our thread card motifs from the Red albums N° 902 and N° 903 which can be sewn in traditional cross stitch over two fabric threads..
  • or any of the delightful motifs from our Red album N° 908.

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