Sajou mauve Album Boxed set containing eight albums

Sajou mauve album Boxed set containing 8 albums

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Boxed set for Sajou mauve albums

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Delightful little boxed set in the style of a miniature bookcase.

It contains the eight folding albums from the Mauve series, n°101 to n°108.

The total price includes three albums and the box for free.

Format of box: 16 x 10.5 cm and 4.5 cm thick.

The front is decorated with a label representing the front cover of the Mauve album series, the back with a label of the back cover.

Other boxed sets are also available containing eight volumes of the Red album series and eight volumes of the Blue album series..

This box is also available empty.

This series of mauve albums are re-editions of original albums published by Mr Sajou, in 19th century. Check out our poster representing the complete Sajou mauve albums series.