Sajou selection 40 needles Mellac Model

Selection 40 needles - Mellac Model

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Mellac 40 sewing and embroidery needles

Mellac needle selection.

The cover represents six women's in an Art Nouveau style (19th century).
The interior is a floral print in blue and pink tones.

Detail of the 40 needles:
- sharp point: 6 n°5 long needles, 6 n°7 long needles, 4 n°9 long needles, 2 n°3 darning needles and 2 n°5 darning needles;
- round point: 2 n°20 needles, 4 n°22 needles, 4 n°24 needles, 4 n°26 needles and 6 n°28 needles.

Size of packet when closed: 14cm x 9.8cm.
Size of packet when open: 14cm x 19.6cm

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

This item can be matched with our thread organizer Royan model, as well as our Barfleur thread cards and Femmes postcard.

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