Wooden display case for thimbles and seven thimbles

Wooden display case for thimbles and seven thimbles

55,00 €



Wooden thimble storage box

By proposing a selection of display cases, Maison Sajou gives you the chance to organise your workshop in the style of the haberdashers of yesteryear. This thimble box is an exact replica of a vintage model. You can use it for your thimble collection or even for miniature bobbins or other tiny objects.

For the purchase of this box, we offer you the seven thimbles for the seven presentation holes.

This box comprises seven raws and there is a hole matching with each size of thimbles.
The wood is stained in a cherry wood colour.
The exterior and interior of the lid are covered with a beautiful Art Nouveau style label.

Length 17.5cm - Width 14cm - Height 3.5cm.

Discover our spectacular waxing bobbins with their gorgeous labels.

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