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The family of little Sajou monkeys

If you can’t make your little Sajou monkey, you can find ready-made ones here.
Available while stocks last.

ATTENTION! These monkeys are made in a small atelier. We left the choice of colours of faces and embroideries up to their personnel, making each monkey unique. Please bear this in mind when ordering as they may not be exactly as shown in the photo.
One thing is sure – the front of the body will be in your chosen fabric, the rest will be a surprise!

If you prefer to make your own, see our sewing patterns and read the Sew your little monkey article in Madame Sajou’s Diary.
You can also come and make one in our Sajou Paris store: Elisabeth Rozec is organising classes with all the materials included in the price.
Whatever your choice, join our Facebook group Les Aventures de la Famille Sajou and share your photos with everyone. 

Pouches and bags

Practical pouches for your make-up, sewing stuff and little treasures. The interior is in coated cotton, easy to clean with a damp sponge.

Printed cotton T-shirts

When Uniqlo launched a range of Sajou motif t-shirts, we were inundated with requests to buy them on our site, but we did not have distribution rights.
We set about trying to find a good quality, French made t-shirt. And here is the result!
These t-shirts are an exceptional quality and ecologically friendly with a short distribution channel. The incredible softness is obtained by carbon brushing without chemicals or softeners.
Obviously you cannot feel this softness on our website, but once you have touched these t-shirts, you will agree that the price is completely justified. Your t-shirt will keep its’ shape and colour even after numerous washes.
Our t-shirts are available in three sizes with a slightly tapered form plus a large size with a straight form. 

Kitchen aprons

Aprons for the kitchen or workshop, these models are made with our own fabrics. Their refined form with rounded bib and their long Sajou ties will add elegance to all shapes and sizes.
Made in France.

Bags and Holdalls

Bags and holdalls in printed cotton or linen, make shopping and carrying a more colourful experience and help save the planet by cutting down on single use plastic bags!

Household linen - Printed linen tea towels

Linen tea towels are marvellous to use, especially for drying glasses but also as hand towels. Once you have tried them, it will be difficult to use anything else. I had the idea to offer a range of tea towels with some of our most popular motifs, cross stitch, scissors, labels...

Natural or ecru, The linen is of an exceptional quality, however there is one procedure that must not be skipped: it is extremely important to soak the tea towels over night before washing them for the first time. This will get rid of all the starch and make them easier to iron. If they are not soaked, it is practically impossible to get rid of the creases. These products are made in France and are printed with eco-friendly ink. The colours will tone down after a few washes giving them a veritable vintage aspect.

Linen checkered tea towels

These linen tea towels can also be found in our “tea towels to embroider” section, as they are a 12 count fabric, perfect for cross-stitch. But they can also be used as they are. They measure 55 x 80cm and are made in France. With a wide range of colours, you are sure to find the perfect colour for your kitchen.

Attention: it is extremely important to soak the tea towel over night before washing it for the first time. This will get rid of all the starch and make it easier to iron. If it is not soaked, it is practically impossible to get rid of the crases.