Our products by themes 

Sajou has so many products that, even if you are an adept of our products, chances are you haven’t seen everything. This section gives you an overview of products by their theme for those who want to harmonise their haberdashery collection.

Available in this departement:

Sajou in Bloom Collection

We have grouped together our floral haberdashery items, our flower motif pattern charts and also our sewing kits, tea towels, fabrics, ribbons and vintage style buttons…

Napoleon and Josephine collection

Find here our fabrics, stationery and embroidery projects all dedicated to Napoleon and Josephine.

Paris and Eiffel Tower Collection

Paris and the Eiffel Tower have always been inspirational. And to think that the Eiffel Tower should have been destroyed after the Universal Exhibition of 1889! It was designed to show off French prowess in metallic construction, and considered modern at the time. It was saved by its height (320m), which made it perfect for conducting meteorological and aerodynamic experiences, and especially for broadcasting. From 1959, the Eiffel Tower was used as a television transmitter. With the development of tourism post Second World War, the Eiffel Tower became “THE” symbol of Paris and continues to be to this day. We have grouped together here all our Parisian themed products. Over the years it has become a collection in its own right : Eiffel Tower embroideries, Eiffel Tower fabrics, Eiffel Tower ribbons, Eiffel tower scissors, etc.

Queen Marie Antoinette Collection

Last queen of France, Queen Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) has become an inspiration all over the world. The same can be said for Sajou, whose offices overlook the Versailles Palace. Despite her tragic destiny and the many grievances held against her, Queeen Marie Antoinette left a legacy of wonderful objects. She had disappeared into widespread indifference and it would take years before she was recognised to her former glory. It started with Louis XVIII who gave her the funeral she never had in 1816. Little by little, her ordeal was recognised and she became an expiatory symbol of the Revolution. Later, the Empress Eugénie (1790-1864), devoted a large part of her time collecting objects belonging to the former queen.
This role was taken over by the 19th century writers, Dumas and the Goncourt brothers. Finally, Pierre de Nolhac (1859-1936), the first curator of the Versailles Palace, as well as a great writer and historian, completely rehabilitated the image of Marie-Antoinette by restoring the Petit Trianon with her original good taste and exhuming her portraits.
Today, Marie-Antoinette is a world-renowned myth.

Sajou Toile de Jouy Collection

Continuing in this series of projects for the Museum and Heritage Collection, Maison Sajou has developed a selection of haberdashery items on the Toile de Jouy theme. Fabrics, sewing sets, pins and needles, this collection is regularly expanding.
A large selection of pattern charts and kits can also be found in this collection.

Sajou embroidery girls Collection

This illustration of three little girls embroidering has been one of the most popular images at Maison Sajou haberdashery for fifteen years now. You will find all the products with this image here.

Collection of spectacular projects

The Chambord plaid was the first of our spectacular projects. It still sells as many now as when it came out in 2007. Then came our Museums and Heritage Collection: Toile de Jouy, Bayeux, Versailles and Marie-Antoinette among others. The latest addition is the Monuments de Paris plaid, this time not in cross-stitch, but in free-style embroidery for a fun change.

Coquecigrues Collection

All our products with a Coquecigrues theme: fabrics for sewing, embroidery kits, haberdashery items, stationery…