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Scissors embroidery sewing

Maison Sajou is famous for the quality and variety of the scissors we offer. Whether it be embroidery scissors from the Sajou Collection, re-editions of vintage scissors, dressmaking scissors or professional scissors, all the models offered by Maison Sajou are made in France. Our scissors are beautiful objects which are designed to be used: the quality of the steel, the attention taken during each process of fabrication and careful polishing of their blades make them tools you will keep all your life.

Nice little things

In the « Nice little things » section you will find a selection of objects inspired by the world of haberdashery: bracelets made from guipure, charms with a sewing theme...

We have also selected a few ideas of gifts for all budgets. Our clients often say that our site is so well stocked that it is difficult to see everything we have. We shall regularly be putting symbolic products in this section to help you with your choice.

Wooden sewing items

Among my many haberdashery collectibles, I am particularly fond of all the little tape measures, pin cushions, needle holders and boxes of treasures.

By re-editing these wooden sewing items, I am trying in my own way to add the same sort of diversity that was found in this universe in days gone by. Haberdasheries of course sold all the basics, but they could also be found in souvenir shops and even in jeweller’s shops for the more luxurious items. The haberdashery catalogue from Le Bon Marché at the beginning of the 20th century were filled with pages of tape measures, thimble holders and pin cushions of all types and for all budgets.

Our products by themes

Sajou has so many products that, even if you are an adept of our products, chances are you haven’t seen everything. This section gives you an overview of products by their theme for those who want to harmonise their haberdashery collection.