Objects to embroider 

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Linen tea towels to embroider

Our tea towels to embroider are in linen and made in France. Natural unbleached colour with grid pattern. The tea towels are equiped with a small hanging loop and a Maison Sajou blue label.

It is often said that linen tea towels should only be used for wiping glasses and silver. This is partially true, but once you have tried them for everyday drying, it will be difficult to use anything else.

Attention: it is extremely important to soak this linen tea towels overnight before washing them for a first time. This will get rid of all the starch and make ironing easier. If you do not do this, it will be impossible to get rid of the creases.

Aïda cotton tea towels to embroider

Here, beautiful cotton tea towels to embroider with a central Aida panel 6.5 points per cm. The Aida central panel measures 17.3cm x 17.8cm, which represents in cross stitch 112 x 116 points.
These kitchen towels are made in France.
After embroidering the centre panel, we recommend soaking this tea towel for a few hours before washing in a machine. This will eliminate the starch used when making the tea towels, otherwise the creases are more difficult to remove when ironing.

Tote bags Napkins holders & Pouches

These napkin holders to embroider are a step back to childhood. But in a world determined to reduce waste, they are back in a big way with people returning to fabric napkins. Customize them with letters from our Sajou albums or the friezes in our green albums 657 & 658 for a quick and easy to sew project. You will also find here our little checkered Sajou pouches and our linen tote bag to embroider.