Cross stitch kits 

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Cross stitch kit plaids to embroider

The Chambord plaid project has almost become a myth! I got the idea in 2007 for my book Maison Sajou Point de Croix (published in 2007), as I explained : “like all seasoned embroiderers, I have drawers full of linen scraps and embroidery floss. This project was born from the wish to use up all these scraps and assemble them in a sort of masterpiece...” When the book was published it was a huge success, then, on the Sajou site, more and more demands arrived from clients who didn’t have enough linen scraps or embroidery floss but who desperately wanted to embark on this project. That is how we put together the complete kit for this Chambord plaid. We have sold hundreds all over the world. This project created a stream of amusing exchanges with photos and messages giving us news on the progress of the plaids, comments and messages of encouragement… After a while we took this project off our catalogue, thinking it had done its time. However, when we opened our store in Paris, we put two Chambord plaids in the shop front and again were inundated with requests. Most of the motifs come from my vintage archives, sometimes simplified, sometimes enlargened. The large majority come from designs intended for crochet.

Cross stitch kits Japanese roses

This series of rose cross stitch kits was created by Frédérique Crestin-Billet for a French week organised by the JR Takashimaya department store in Nagoya. Roses are not only an international and timeless subject, they are also the symbol of this famous Japanese store. The kits were immediately successful with Japanese embroiderers and we thought that others would enjoy them as much.

Cross stitch cushions

Cross stitch cushions are always a welcome addition to any home. Our “six square” models have been a firm favourite since the relaunce of Maison Sajou.

We have grouped together all the cross stitch cushion models from our different collections here.

Linen pot cross stitch embroidery kits

These cross stitch embroidery kits to make little pots on linen are extremely simple to make: they are embroidered on a linen band so there is no hem to sew, nor any complicated stitching, just a few straight lines to mount the pot. They are embroidered using our Calais cocoons and the ribbons come from our Couture Collection.

Boxes to embroider in cross stitch kits

Our round tins are one of the most popular items in our collection of embroidery kits. A great choice of Jouy flowers, extracts from the Bayeux embroidery, geometric motifs, Paris monuments. A collection in perpetual growth for all tastes.

Cross stitch pouches & cases kits

The Eiffel Tower to embroider in cross stitch on little pouches for your scissors or glasses. Gorgeous zip bags which trace the history of Maison Sajou. Great little projects which are quick and easy to make.

Flowers from France's Most Beautiful Gardens

You will find here all the kits created by Frédérique Crestin-Billet for the project I embroider France’s Most Beautiful Gardens with Maison Sajou.

Discover in Madame Sajou’s Diary France’s Most Beautiful Gardens and the plants you will embroider.