Fairy tales and Fables kits and pattern charts 

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Jean de La Fontaine's fables in cross stitch

La Fontaine’s fables are one of the classics in “ladies handicrafts”. In the 19th century, they were mostly embroidered on filet lace and assembled with inserts to make curtains, cushions and counterpanes. The vintage motifs were always monochrome.Some of these fables were inspired by antique archives, others are more recent creations.

Perrault's fairy tales in cross stitch

Many of the more popular Perrault tales are inspired by vintage filet cross stitch motifs. They were stitched on large squares which were then assembled together. This is why they are all the same size. Other lesser known tales are our own creations, totally in keeping with the spirit of the originals.

Grimm's fairy tales in cross stitch

Grimm fairy tales, Perrault fairy tales, La Fontaine Fables were large sources of inspiration for motifs that were formerly embroidered in filet cross stitch. The vintage motifs were always in monochrome. We have reproduced them in colour and created other motifs, always in the same spirit and format.