Versailles Palace cross stitch kits 

For the sixth series in the in the Museums and Heritage Collection, there is not one spectacular cross stitch kit, but two! One is dedicated to the Palace of Versailles and the other evokes Marie-Antoinette’s garments. As I multiplied my visits to the palace, it became evident that the queen Marie-Antoinette was a subject in her own right. And as luck would have it, I came across a gazette dedicated to the attires of Marie-Antoinette, the copy of a register containing fabric samples for the sovereign’s dresses.
This is why I opted for two pattern charts, both different but complementary. I leave it to you to discover the allusions between the two.
As with all the other projects in this collection, most of these kits are also available in pattern chart form: see our Cross stitch pattern charts Versailles and Marie-Antoinette section.
Official site of the Palace of Versailles in English.

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