Versailles Palace cross stitch pattern charts 

This sixth opus in the Museums and Heritage Collection contains not one cross stitch pattern chart, but two! 
The Palace of Versailles… I have been living next to it for almost 30 years. The windows of our Maison Sajou offices overlook the Place d’Armes. Why did it take me so long to create a pattern chart dedicated to it? Maybe I was slightly intimidated by the vastness of the subject. It is true that the central theme of our Museums and Heritage Collection is the world of textiles and curiously enough, it was not an easy choice. I wanted this pattern chart to reflect an “ordinary” visit to the Palace, without taking into account the private visits to areas normally inaccessible to the general public. And then there is not only the Palace, but also the Trianons, and the considerable presence of Marie-Antoinette.
The idea gradually formed to create two pattern charts: one dedicated purely to the Palace and the other concentrating on Marie-Antoinette.
As with the other themes in this collection, there is a main pattern chart and smaller, simpler projects. Most of these cross stitch pattern charts are also available as kits: see our Cross stitch kits Versailles and Marie-Antoinette section.

Official site of the Palace of Versailles in English.

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