Chenonceau château cross stitch pattern charts 

The Chenonceau Château is the fifth cross stitch project in the Museums and Heritage collection. At the end of 2015, I was contacted by the Château de Chenonceau. The curator, Laure Menier, wanted to propose a selection of Sajou articles in the museum store. Obviously, nothing could make me happier! In December 2015 I took a trip to the Château and was overwhelmed! I had distant childhood memories of this uncommon edifice spanning the Cher River, but it needed adult eyes to fully appreciate the splendour of the place. I didn’t arrive with the intention of creating a project about Chenonceau but, as I progressed from room to room, the idea began to form in my mind.

Here is the resulting pattern chart and, as is the custom, the resulting smaller projects.

Most of these cross stitch pattern charts exist in kit form: see the Chenonceau Château cross stitch kits.

Go on the Chenonceau Château website for a virtual tour of this wonderful edifice.

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