Tartan sewing thimble

Tartan sewing thimble

18,33 €



Tartan Dressmaker's thimble

Multi-faceted tartan thimble.

It is made from genuine fabric confined within a layer of crystal acetate.

It is a delightful collectors' item which is also perfectly suitable for sewing small items. A matching pair of scissors and thread card are also available.

It comprises ten facets, one of which is engraved with the name Sajou. The assembling of the four different components is, in itself, a veritable technical prowess.

Its' form is a truncated cone with a base diametre of 1.5cm

Presented in a little floral motif box. The design is subject to availibility.

A collection of thimbles imitating noble materials is also available, as well as a large range of collectors' porcelaine thimbles.