18th century style Sajou buttons

These buttons are in the style of those found in the 18th Century which were glass-covered miniatures. Collectioners are very familiar with these magnificent buttons representing country landscapes, sketches representing daily life, the face of a loved one or even revolutionary symbols.

We have reproduced them in a more modest version with images evoking the different aspects of the world of Sajou: details from the large embroidery project on the Toile de Jouy, traditional costumes from the Vernon series of thread cards, vintage floral motifs, Art Nouveau ladies or some of our favourite images like the tightrope walker, the Eiffel Tower and a lady from Alsace.

These buttons can be machine washed without any problem. We recommend however that the temperature be no higher than 40° and to use a delicate spin. Turn the clothes inside out so the buttons don’t come into contact with the machine drum.

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