In days gone by in the Nord region of France, in particular the towns of Lille, Roubaix and Tourcoing, buzzed with the sound of hundreds of small textile ateliers of all sorts. Weaving was also abundant in les Vosges and Alsace, large sheet manufacturers could be found in Rouen and Auvergne, and fabric printing was rife in Provence, Nantes, Rouen, Jouy…

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Sewing patterns

Launching this section with the pattern for our little Sajou monkey, we shall be adding other objects to make with our fabrics.
When possible, there will be downloadable versions in A3 and A4.
See the Sajou toile de Jouy fabrics in swatches and by the metre
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Or come and make one with Elisabeth Rozec in our Sajou Paris store. The price of the classes includes all the materials and you will receive a surprise bonus.
Subject to availability, you can also buy a ready-made Sajou monkey. You can also find them in our Sajou Paris store.
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Sajou fabrics individual swatches

You can find our Jouy fabrics here in individual swatches.
All the fabrics in this section are also available by the metre: See all Sajou fabrics by the metre.
See also our swatch gift boxes with or without threads.

Sajou Fabrics - Sewing & Patchwork by the metre

As with all the Sajou products, all are fabrics were designed by Frédérique Crestin-Billet. It has always been one of Sajou’s projects to offer a large collection of fabrics with different styles and motifs. However, until recently, printing fabrics represented a large investment. New technologies are now available and permit a larger liberty, without altering the quality. Cottons and linens undergo a number of treatments to avoid shrinkage. Also, all our fabrics are certified Oeko-tex, meaning they present no danger to human or ecological safety.

From an artistic point of view, our collections are composed of a main motif and one or two coordonates leading to interesting combinations. 

Sajou fabrics in gift boxes

Our fabric swatches are available by assortments of coordinating motifs. Let your imagination and creativity run wild for pouches, bags, cushions, small items of clothing, patchwork blocks… Some selections are available with matching threads. Also a great gift for your creative friends. These swatches are presented in lovely reusable cardboard boxes. We are trying as much as possible to eliminate as much plastic as possible from our packaging.

All the fabrics in this section are also available by the metre: see all the Sajou fabrics by the metre.
These swatches are also available individually: see all Sajou swatches by unit

"Indienne" fabric swatches - fat quarters

In the 17th century, the method known as “indiennes” referred to wool, silk or cotton fabrics with a printed or painted motif (as opposed to motifs obtained by weaving different coloured threads). By extension, the term was also applied to men’s dressing gowns made from these fabrics. At the time, indiennes came from India, Persia or China. These brightly coloured fabrics were immensely popular in Europe, both for clothing and upholstery. Despite the numerous bans to protect national production, hundreds of manufactories opened to imitate these fabrics. In the 18th century, “indiennes” signified printed cotton fabrics, “indiennage” was the printing of these fabrics and “indienneurs” referred to the producers. Today, indiennes refers to fabric with exotic floral motifs.

Indienne fabrics by meter patchwork & sewing

These fabrics are known as"indiennes" because of their origins in India. At the end of the 16th century, trading increased enormously between the European countries and India and China, thanks to the many "trading companies", with their origins in France, England and Holland. Largely copied by many European manufactories, they still kept their motifs of 'exotic' flowers which were practically unknown in the West.

Polka dot linen by the metre

Our polka dot linen fabric measures 155cm wide. It is great for embroidery, but we recommend it especially as a backing fabric, for cushions, for tablecloth borders.

We use this fabric to back our plaids to embroider. It is also what Marie Suarez recommends for making her bags.

You may also like our embroidery linens in 12 and 16 count in our embroidery fabrics section.

Boiled wool swatches - size 50 x 70cm

Boiled wool originated in Scandinavia where it was invented to keep out the cold. It is a woolen fabric which is felted in boiling water. It has a supple and soft texture which doesn't fray, so needs no hemmimg. It also doesn't pill or crease. Boiled wool should not be confused with felt. There are two types of felt - a non-woven fabric generally made of poor quality synthetic fibres, or a natural fabric obtained from animal hair.

Bargain fabric cuts

You will find here all sorts of swatches, be it ends of rolls or pieces remaining after preparation of some of our kits. These fabrics are in good condition and have no stains or flaws. Up to 50% off their normal price per metre.

Attention, these products cannot be exchanged or reimbursed.