Ribbons and Bias 

The ribbon industry in France developped in the regions of Saint-Etienne, Saint-Chamond and Saint-Dider-en-Velay where numerous small ateliers could be found. Important technical progressions - notably the improvement of bar looms - from 1830 enabled a serial production with the intervention of multiple colours. Most of the oldest ribbons are generally made of silk. However the most beautiful motifs were woven during the second half of the 19th century at a time when the technique had been properly mastered.

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Bias binding in Sajou fabrics

Our bias binding in cotton are the same quality as our percale fabric collection. They are declined in lots of colours and coordinates, to mix and match or make striking contrasts. Let your imagination run wild. Price is for a metre.See all our fabrics sold by the metre.

Couture collection ribbons

This collection of gibbons is made in 100% cotton on beautiful vintage Jacquard looms. The motifs are woven on ecru base with the same thread as our Calais cocoons, a high quality Egyptian cotton made in France by Ets. Toulemonde.

Household ribbons

The ribbons are in the style of those that were used in days gone by in the grand hotels and bourgeois homes: these places used their teatowels for specific purposes, depending on their size and material. The ribbons would have been used to indicate the purpose of the towel.

Comptoir Sajou ribbons

Created by Maison Sajou, those ribbons have been specially woven for Sajou in a workshop neart Saint-Étienne, historically region for French ribbon production.
The Comptoir Sajou collection comprises a series of small repetitive motifs and a series inspired byt those used in haberdashery shops in the days gone by.

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