Thread cards & organisers 

Thread cards and organisers are one of Maison Sajou’s specialities. Most were inspired by the personal collection belonging to Frédérique Crestin-Billet. In fact, since they were launched in 2005 Maison Sajou has revived the interest and use of thread cards.
Up until the 1850’s, sewing thread was sold in skeins which arrived at the wholesalers in crates or barrels. Gradually it was presented on cards or small balls placed in cardboard boxes. These boxes were decorated with beautiful labels indicating the thread brand. This evolution came at a time of development in the retail trade, which was a natural consequence of industrial development. Thread brands became more abundant and the images more diverse and appealing.

Available in this departement:

Sajou Thread cards

These cards are perfect for winding your own skeins of thread. In days gone by, before the invention of domestic sewing machines, they were used for selling thread, mainly linen. They were beautifully illustrated and the surprise was to discover the image under the thread, the start of the consumer society…

The thread brands had simple names representing easily recognisable objects. This was at a time when a large part of the population could neither read nor write, so brands were identified by an animal, a fruit or character, very much like the taverns of the time.

All our thread card models have names of towns in Normandy, in tribute to the history of this region with their production of linen and numerous spinning mills.

Little Girl Thread Cards

Our thread cards representing delightful little girls are large cards for a fun way of winding your bits of ribbons or threads. Two colours can be wound - one above the belt and one below. The little girls come in families of four.

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Thread organisers

Mostly inspired by vintage thread labels, our organisers are great for identifying your threads, especially when they are sold in skeins. They also help avoid ending up with a nasty ball of unusable thread.

If vintage thread labels delight us to this day, one can only imagine the effect they had on our predecessors. In the second half of the 19th century, we were far away from today’s world saturated with images. Apart from being one of the principal producers of sewing thread in France, Lille was also renowned for being a centre of popular imagery. The quality of their printing was put to good use at the service of thread labels.

Luxury thread winders

These thread cards are in the spirit of the beautiful little winders found in luxury vintage sewing sets. Whether in mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell or precious woods, there would be a pair of embroidery scissors, a thimble, a bodkin, an awl, sometimes a pen and maybe even a vial containing vinegar water, in case the embroiderer got a hot flush!

As with the cardboard models, there is a tiny slit in this winder: this is not a flaw, but to stop the thread from unwinding.

Ribbon Cards

What we loved about vintage sewing boxes was that there was a place for everything.
With these beautifully printed cards, your ribbons, laces and threads will no longer be in a messy muddle.
They have the same format as our Retors du Nord and Laine Saint-Pierre embroidery threads and fit perfectly in our special format storage boxes.

Wooden thread winders

These reeditions of wooden thread winders are decorated with decalcomanias, as on the collectibles of days gone by. These little sewing objects were very popular at the time and were most often found in souvenir shops.

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