Sajou classes 

Our philosophy at Maison Sajou is to introduce people to textile heritage and the world of vintage haberdashery. This is what we aim to do by re-editing sewing and embroidery items of quality uniquely made in France.
Our lessons are a continuation of this philosophy, aiming to transmit the knowledge of this craft.
These lessons are provided in our charming Sajou store in Paris, situated in the historical textile centre of Paris. 
Attention: Our lessons are not refundable. If you are unable to attend the lesson, please notify us at least 10 days beforehand. After this period, we cannot take into account any modification.
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All Sajou lessons by date

Here is the complete list of lessons available in the Sajou Paris store. They are listed by date, regardless of type. You can also consult by subject by clicking on the themes: sewing, knitting, boutis, tatting, cross stitch, cartonnage (box making), embroidery, Ombrie embroidery, embroidery on perforated paper, etc.

Needlepoint class Catherine Rouchié

Smyrna stitch, Hungarian stitch, Bargello, star stitch, Rhodes stitch, eyelet stitch... you will learn all these stitches in the initiation class run by Catherine Rouchié in our Sajou Paris store.
This technique is an amusing and varied alternative to cross stitch, mixing threads and colours to add depth and texture almost endlessly.
Easy to do with all the different threads available in our store, Retors du Nord, Laine Saint-Pierre, Tonkin, Caudry and metallized.
As a textile designer and author of embroidery books, Catherine Rouchié is dedicated to taking a fresh look at embroidery stitches and transmitting her knowledge.
Having worked in the past for DMC and many magazines, she is the author of Accessories in Linen and Liberty, a book which is regularly reprinted.

Sewing classes with Élisabeth Rozec

The sewing lessons in the Sajou Paris store consist of different levels:

- Introduction, which we recommend if you have never used a sewing machine,

- Beginners, for those who have already used a sewing machine,

- Qualified, for those who have already the basics of sewing.

For the beginners and qualified lessons, in 2 hours you will make a complete object, each lesson being a pretext to learn a particular technique: inserting a zip into a pouch, placing a bias binding on a sewing set, setting a lining and base into a linen pot, etc.

Knitting classes with Katia Briant

Katia Briant is your experienced teacher for knitting lessons in the Sajou Paris store. She is an expert knitter and cable stiches and lace patterns hold no secrets for her. She will teach you all of this with passion, patience and infinite kindness.

Cartonnage classes Hélène Chalendard-Chireux

Our cartonnage (box making) classes are taken by Helene Chalendard-Chireux, an expert in this field for over 40 years. Her techniques for cardboard cutting give extraordinary results.

She honours us by leaving her Southern France home to give her classes in the Sajou Paris store. We highly recommend following the two classes on consecutive days, if possible.

Tatting classes with Bernadette Baldelli

Tatting is made with shuttles. It is a type of lace formed of loops, knots and picots and is perfect for making small objects and jewellery.

The teacher, Bernadette Baldelli, is an expert in this field which she discovered many years ago. She is also the author of many books on the subject.

Cross stitch classes with Katia Briant

There are no different levels in our cross stitch classes: we only take a few students at a time and are at your disposal whether you are a beginner or just need a bit of help starting or finishing a project. You may also just want to stitch with like-minded people and benefit from our suggestions.

Embroidery classes with Bernadette Baldelli

Brought up to date by Bernadette Baldelli, Ombrie embroidery was very fashionable until the 1930’s. The Marquise of Sorbello had set up a school on the banks of Lake Trasimene. “Il Punto Umbro” is formed of knots and simple stitches giving a distinctive relief. It is traditionally made on squares which are then joined together with intricate stitch work.

Patchwork Pojagi with Maryse Allard

Auteure d’un livre sur le sujet, Maryse Allard vous invite à venir découvrir les secrets du Pojagi, sorte de patchwork coréen dont l’utilisation est très ancienne. Ce terme de pojagi signifie « habit pour les choses » ce qui signifie « envelopper ». Même sur les usages du Pojagi sont multiples, c’est bien là son origine. Les techniques pour le réaliser sont somme toute assez simples, pliages et couture à la main, et pourront vous servir pour tous types d’autres ouvrages de couture.