Household linen - Printed linen tea towels 

Linen tea towels are marvellous to use, especially for drying glasses but also as hand towels. Once you have tried them, it will be difficult to use anything else. I had the idea to offer a range of tea towels with some of our most popular motifs, cross stitch, scissors, labels...

Natural or ecru, The linen is of an exceptional quality, however there is one procedure that must not be skipped: it is extremely important to soak the tea towels over night before washing them for the first time. This will get rid of all the starch and make them easier to iron. If they are not soaked, it is practically impossible to get rid of the creases. These products are made in France and are printed with eco-friendly ink. The colours will tone down after a few washes giving them a veritable vintage aspect.

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