Caudry cocoons 

Following the success of our Calais cocoons, the Caudry cocoons were named in tribute to the small town of the same name in the north of France, famous for their hand lace before machines took over. There is a Museum of Lace and Embroidery in Caudry with working machines and a lovely collection of lace dresses.

Available in this departement:

Caudry cocoons per unit

The Caudry cocoons are a polyester thread for lace-making with a fine silver lurex strand. Textured signifies that the thread is slightly puffy and gimped means that the silver lurex is protected by the surrounding polyester.

Caudry cocoons boxes of 12

These Caudry cocoons in their pretty box are a novel thread for bobbin lace. They are the latest coloured lace threads to be produced by Fil Au Chinois. They are also perfect for all types of embroidery, crochet and even tatting.