Leatherwork waxed cable linen 

The Fil Au Chinois waxed cable linen is a luxury thread for high-quality leather work. As indicated in the name, this thread is cabled, signifying that the threads have been twisted a first time, and then these threads are assembled and twisted a second time. The term "câblé", or corded, signifies this double twist. This obviously increases greatly the solidity of the thread, but also makes it more rounded, particulary adaptable for leather work. We have five thicknesses of lin câblé: the N°332 (0.77mm diametre), the N°432 (0.63mm diametre), N°532 (0.57mm diametre), N°632 (0.51mm diametre), and the N°832 (0.43mm diamètre).

Available in this departement:

332 Cable linen cards

Our Fil Au Chinois waxed cable linen thread N°332 is also available on small cards containing 10 metres. This special leather work thread is the same as on our 50 gramme spools. The 332 is the thickest in the range, which exists also in 432, 532, 632 and 832. As with all our threads, this is made in France, the raw material coming from linen crops in France.

332 Cable linen spools

The n°332 Fil Au Chinois lin câblé is the thickest thread in the range with a diametre of 0.77mm. Each spool contains 50 grammes, about 133 metres of thread. These threads are twisted when damp, which avoids the linen fibres from being altered during twisting. Cabling or cording is a twisting of two already-twisted threads.

432 Cable linen cards

The 432 Fil Au Chinois waxed cable linen thread on these 10 metre cards is the same as on the 50g spools. This is a great way to discover these threads if you haven’t already tried them. It is also a great solution for small leather work projects and jewellery. Some of our clients also use it for miniature models.

432 Cable linen spools

The n°432 Fil Au Chinois lin câblé has a diametre of 0.63mm. Each spool contains 50 grammes, about 200 metres of thread. These threads are waxed, meaning they go through a starch and beeswax bath, making the thread smooth and easy sliding, and at the same time relatively stiff.

532 Cable linen cards

This Fil Au Chinois waxed cable linen thread is the same as on the 50g spools of n°532.
Now also presented on 10 metre cards, you can try out the whole range of colours.
Although this thread was originally developed for luxury leatherwork, many designers also use this type of thread for jewellery.
We also have a lot of clients who make watch straps, who only need small quantities but require a large choice of colours.

532 Cable linen spools

The n°532 Fil Au Chinois lin câblé has a diametre of 0.57mm. Each spool contains 50 grammes, aprroximately 250 metres of thread. It is the average thickness and the most commonly used. For harnesses or leather that will be exposed to humidity, we recommend using our waxed polycotton threads or polyester Cordonnerie which will withstand the test of time without rotting. Waxed linen should be reserved for leather goods which will not be exposed to bad weather.

632 Cable linen cards

The n°632 Fil Au Chinois waxed linen thread presented on these cards is the same as on our 50g spools. This thread is waxed, it passed through a bath containing, among other things, starch and beeswax, which makes it smooth and shiny, whilst retaining a certain stiffness. After the waxing bath, the thread is brushed with horsehair.

632 Cable linen spools

N°632 Fil Au Chinois lin câblé has a diametre of 0.51mm. Each spool contains 50 grammes, which works out at about 285 metres of thread.
As with all the lin câblé, this thread is treated with starch and beeswax.
It is also known as glazed thread to distinguish it from thread which is waxed manually just before using.

832 Cable linen cards

The 832 Fil Au Chinois cable linen is the finest of the five thicknesses in the range.
This presentation on cards of 10 metres is practical for trying the thread without investing on the large 50 gramme spools.
10 metres is enough for small leather goods, jewelry making or book binding.

832 Cable linen spools

The N°832 Fil Au Chinois lin câblé is the finest thread in the range. Each spool contains 50 grammes, representing roughly 375 metres of thread. We are often asked if this thread can be used on a sewing machine. Some of our clients do, some don't. It all depends on the power of the machine and the technique used. More often than not, luxury leather items require hand stitching, notably for the famous saddle stitch which machines can imitate, without the resulting strength.