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Eight Miniature Thread Spools box Sajou

Eight Miniature Thread Spools box Sajou

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This adorable little box contains eight miniature reels with cotton threads, Sajou labels.

The wooden reels are the size of those once used for gloving thread. A vintage machine has been specially brought back in order to be able to offer these miniature spools again. The machine had to be finely tuned, using the specialist know-how of the machine operators.

Eight reels containing eight different coloured threads: lawn green, royal blue, sky blue, mauve, red, pink, caramel and yellow. Each reel contains approx. 75 metres of thread and is decorated on each end with a Sajou label.

Size of box: length, 16 cm - width, 3.3 cm - height, 2.3 cm.

The box is blue and is decorated on the top and each end with a Sajou label.

All these threads are MADE IN FRANCE.

The sames size reels are available without threads, sold by six.

This box is also available in Fil Au Conscrit version. You may also be interested in our cocoon selections.