Sajou six needles leather work Napoleon booklet

Asst 6 leather needles Napoleon's tent booklet

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Napoleon booklet assortment leather needles

This assortment of needles for leather work contains 6 needles with three-edged tips, for easy piercing of leather without risk of ripping.
Presented in a booklet represent our fabric motif of Emperor Napoleon’s campaign tent carpet.

This booklet contains:
- two n°3/0, length 5.1cm, Ø 1.2mm,
- two n°5, length 3.9cm, Ø 0.66mm,
- two n°7, length 3.6cm, Ø 0.61mm.

This booklet is identical to the presentations of yesteryear: the needles are threaded onto black ribbon and stapled to the card.
Size of booklet: 9cm x 4cm.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

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