Sajou assortment 14 textile needles Coquecigrues booklet

14 textile needle assortment Coquecigrues booklet

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Coquecigrues booklet 14 special textile needles

The essential needle booklet for your sewing set, a needle for all textile projects in a gorgeous Coquecigrues booklet.

This booklet contains:
- three quilters n° 10, length 25.5mm, Ø 0.53mm,
- two longs n° 7, length 37mm, Ø 0.69mm,
- two appliqué n° 10, length 45mm, Ø 0.45mm,
- two sharp embroiderers n°6, length 38mm, Ø 0.70mm,
- two round tipped tapestry n°24, length 37mm, Ø 0.76 mm,
- thre appliqué n°11, length 31mm, Ø 0.53mm.

This booklet is identical to the presentations of yesteryear: the needles are threaded onto black ribbon and stapled to the card.
Size of booklet: 6cm x 4cm. All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

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