Sajou red Toile de jouy stationery box

Stationery box red Toile de Jouy

65,00 €



Toile de Jouy stationery box

Red Toile de Jouy stationery box.

- a two-hole pencil sharpener,
- a blue eraser in a Toile de Jouy sleeve,
- a Sajou pencil with small eraser,
- a Toile de Jouy box of six coloured pencils (yellow, red, blue, green, brown and black),
- a small red Toile de Jouy click-clack tin with paper clips,
- a small white Toile de Jouy click-clack tin with brass fasteners,
- a small Toile de Jouy notepad 50 pages,
- a Sajou aluminium 10cm ruler,
- six Toile de Jouy postcards: pink Offrande à l’Amour, burgundy Travaux de la Manufacture, black Travaux de la Manufacture, brown l’Abreuvoir, red miniature Toile de Jouy and blue Toile de Jouy.

This box has two trays and is covered with a paper in our red Toile de Jouy Offrande à l’Amour motif in miniature.
Size of box: length 15cm – width 12cm – height 5cm.

The box is also available empty and as a complete sewing set.