Twelve colours in Fil Au Chinois rayon thread assortment - bright tones

Rayon thread box 12 spools bright tones

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Bright tones 12 rayon thread spools

Assortment 2 - Bright tones - 12 rayon thread spools.

Contents: 7005/marigold - 7007/orange - 7017/fuchsia - 7018/burgundy - 7020/red - 7029/pale blue - 7031/ turquoise - 7033/royal blue - 7040/aqua - 7044/lawn - 7066/lilac - 7068/parma.

Very glossy thread for sewing and embroidery.
Diametre: 0.417mm.
Length on each spool: 100 metres.
Size of each spool: 4.8cm high, 2.5cm diametre.

This assortment is presented in a lovely workshop cardboard box which can be used as a presentation box.
The box is covered in our Sajou blue paper with Fil Au Chinois labels.
Size of box: 10.5cm long, 8cm wide, 5.5cm high.

Also available in another colour assortment. Each assortment is identifiable by a numbered label.

As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, these quality products are entirely MADE IN FRANCE.

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