Sajou box eight bright spools Fil Au Chinois cotton thread

Gift box of 8 spools Cotton thread 2



Cotton thread eight modern spools Sajou box

This lovely presentation box contains 8 spools of Fil Au Chinois cotton thread.
The price is for 8 spools of 100 metres- the box is free.

This selection contains an assortment our most bright colours:
6342 – yellow,
6390 - marigold,
6534 – crimson,
6573 – anemone,
6613 – dark mauve,
6760 – enamel,
6830 – pistachio,
6871 – lawn.

The colour of the box may vary according to our stocks.
A large choice of other threads are available in this presentation: rayon, metallic, silk, polyester, gloving, patchwork, etc…

All the Fil Au Chinois threads are MADE IN FRANCE.

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