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Maison Sajou is famous for the quality and variety of the scissors we offer. Whether it be embroidery scissors from the Sajou Collection, re-editions of vintage scissors, dressmaking scissors or professional scissors, all the models offered by Maison Sajou are made in France. Our scissors are beautiful objects which are designed to be used: the quality of the steel, the attention taken during each process of fabrication and careful polishing of their blades make them tools you will keep all your life.

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Sajou embroidery scissors Private Collection

These embroidery scissors are exclusive Maison Sajou models, designed by Frédérique Crestin-Billet. Most of them are inspired by the style of Charles X (1820-1830) which, in France, was a period known for the refinement of their objects. Some of the most beautiful collectible sewing sets date from this era. Our embroidery scissor imitating beautiful natural materials once used for making small objects, are made from cellulose acetate, a material obtained from wood pulp and cotton bolls. From these modest beginnings it is possible to obtain practically perfect imitations of tortoiseshell, mother of pearl, veined ivory and even precious stones such as onyx. Despite their delicate appearance, these embroidery scissors are solid and are not made to remain in a display case. The more you use them, the more they will "mould to your hand" and you will never let them go. The only thing that will damage them is if you drop them on their point.

Reeditions of vintage scissors

In France, the historical regions of scissor-making are the the same as those of cutlery fabrication: The Haute-Marne in Nogent-en Bassigny, Châtellereault, Thiers, Rouen... However, the most refined and sophisticated production of scissors was to be found in Nogent. The embroidery scissors we offer here are re-editions from traditional French scissor-making. They are made in France benefitting from the craftmanship of qualified artisans.

Embroidery scissors Decouvit range

Découvit is a registered trademark which made its’ reputation with the famous little tools for quick unstitching. It was a huge success in the 1950’s, notably with one of the publicity cars in the Tour de France, which had a huge Découvit on the roof. This brand now belongs to Ets. Toulemonde, thread producer in the north of France. As well as unpickers, Découvit also has a range of beautiful wooden thread spools as well as sewing and embroidery scissors made in France.

Dressmakers and professional scissors

Traditionally, the domestic sewing scissors were divided into three different size categories.

- the "embroiderers", small scissors for embroidery and lacework (between 8 and 12cm),

- the "linen scissors", household scissors for bed linen and small cuts of cloth (between 12 and 18cm),

- the "dressmakers", scissors specifically intended for dressmaking (16cm upwards).

It should be remembered that, up till the 20th century and the arrival of ready to wear goods, the majority of clothes were home-made. Professional scissors are generally much larger. We offer a large range of professional scissors: traditional "linen" scissors, dressmakers scissors, non-symetrical scissors, tailors shears...

Sajou sewing sets

The Maison Sajou sewing sets are inspired by vintage models. Embroidery scissors, thimble and thread winder are presented in a galuchat-style casket. The word galuchat comes from the name of master casket maker Jean-Claude Galluchat who, in the 18th century perfected the use of fish skins (dogfish or skate) for covering precious objects. Among his many famous clients, he worked for the Marquise de Pompadour.

Scissor cases

Made from our Sajou fabrics, our scissor cases are available in four sizes: small for Little Monsters and Charmes scissors, medium for all our embroidery scissors, large for our laundry scissors and XL for dressmaker’s scissors.
Made from canvas or coated canvas, the scissor points cannot pierce the fabric.
The flap is made from linen, so you can personalise it with your initials or a small motif.

Our scissor cases are made in France.

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