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The French word for haberdashery is mercerie, which derives from the latin "merx" and "mercis", signifying commodities or merchandise. In the 13th century "mercherie" designated all the merchandise that these tradesmen were allowed to sell: jewellery, furniture, clothes... "Merciers" were the third largest profession, divided into twenty classes, each with their own speciality ranging from fabrics, hides and furskins, ironmongery, metalwork, mirrors... These travelling salesmen roamed cities and towns offering sewing and clothing accessories. A rare thing in such a male-orientated profession - female "mercières" exist since the 13th century.

Haberdashery is an obscure word which probably has it's origins in ancient Scandinavian languages. However, until a certain time the word "Mercer" was used along with "mercery", finally being replaced by "haberdashery".

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Haberdashery book

Haberdasheries of Yesteryear,
by Frederique Crestin-Billet

in both English and French.

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