Large Sajou embroidered cushion: Queen's Bedchamber cushion in Petit Trianon

Cross stitch kit Marie Antoinette at Trianon large cushion

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Cross stitch kit large cushion - Marie Antoinette's fabric at Trianon


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Embroidery kit in cross stitch - Marie Antoinette's bedchamber at Trianon large cushion - Museum and Heritage Collection

The Petit Trianon was the designated estate of Marie-Antoinette. She created a bucolic setting, full of charm and simplicity. This is an evocation of the fabric in the Queen’s bedchamber: rose bouquets and cornflowers on a white fabric. The original fabric was embroidered by Marie-Olivier Defarges, from Lyon. This marvellous cloth covers the famous “wheat-ear furniture”, created by Georges Jacob: the wood is sculpted and painted with wheat ears braided with honeysuckle and sprigs of jasmin, embellished with lily-of-the-valley and pine cones. After being dispersed during the Revolution, part of this unique furniture has since been acquired ­by the Palace of Versailles.
This chart is taken from our spectacular pattern dedicated to Marie-Antoinette. It is a part of a series of three.
Size of motif: 347 stitches wide by 266 stitches high. When embroidered on 12 count (per cm) linen, the finished project measures 57.8 x 43cm. Size of finished cushion: 57.8 x 43cm.
This kit contains:
Presented in a Sajou cardboard reusable box.
The single embroidery pattern chart is also available. Discover our collection of Versailles and Marie-Antoinette themed products.
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