Cross stitch pattern chart Versailles Palace

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The Palace of Versailles in cross stitch

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The opulence of the Palace of Versailles and the kings and queens who lived there are the subjects of this large cross stitch pattern chart, the sixth in our Museums and Heritage Collection. Among other things, you will discover the wall hangings in the Hall of Plenty and Mercury Room, the Queen’s Bedchamber and the fabric pillars in the King’s Bedchamber. Almost eight million visitors flock from all over the world each year to see the Palace.
Here is the opportunity to embroider your own personal palace, as well as a pattern chrt dedicated to Marie-Antoinette.
This cross stitch embroidery project is presented in large colour poster form measuring 68 x 80cm. On the back of the pattern chart you will find historical information as well as explanations for the embroidery. The poster is presented folded in a Sajou folder.
Size of motif: 345 stitches wide by 344 stitches high. When embroidered on 12 count linen, the finished projects measures 57.3 x 57.5cm. This embroidery represents around 300 hours of work. You will need a large 70cm square of pearl grey linen fabric. You will also need one 14cm square linen fabric in scarlett and lime tree. And 33 cards of Retors du Nord embroidery floss: 2001, 2005 x 2, 2018, 2023, 2025, 2028, 2032, 2034, 2038 x 2, 2041, 2086 x 2, 2196, 2221 x 2, 2223, 2234, 2242, 2340, 2445, 2469, 2535, 2570 x 3, 2749, 2832 x 2, 2838, 2857, 2876, as well as metallized thread reel, size 15 colour n°110, old gold.
A complete kit for this project and a selection of smaller kits and charts from the same collection are also available.

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