Haberdashery Lebaufil

Lebaufil is a very old French brand of sewing thread. Situated at Roubaix in the north of France, the company was taken over by Ets Toulemonde.
Their original speciality was elastic and metal threads. 
We offer a wide range of coloured shirring thread.
The metal threads are real metal, as opposed to the metallized Fil Au Chinois threads which are a metalloplastic strip in a contiguous coil.
The polyamide beading threads and the elastic beading thread called Cordelastic.
Lebaufil is also cottons and roving for boutis, invisible knitting elastic and Sashiko embroidery thread.
In the style of the period, the Lebaufil brand was created in 1946 basing their name on an older company: LEpoutre-WiBAUX FILs. Lepoutre was founded in 1860, specialising in waxing cottons and making twisted threads for textiles. In 1880, François Lepoutre took over from his father and was joined by his wife, Jeanne Wibaux.The Lebaufil brand was invented for the development of a new activity, notably elastic thread, extremely modern in the 1950’s. They were sold under the name Lastex.

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