Haberdashery Toulemonde

The Tonkin embroidery floss is marketed under the name of Toulemonde. Ets Toulemonde is one of the last remaing French manufacturers of sewing threads.
Founded in 1903 by Emile Barrois in the historical textile region in the north of France. He was succeeded by Joseph Toulemonde Barrois and his brother in law, Christophe Barrois, just before the First World War. The 1960’s marked the arrival of third generation with Joseph and Didier Toulemonde, both rejuvenating the company with many diversifications in innovative areas of the thread industry.
The fourth generation, headed by Bruno Toulemonde, was not discouraged by the deterioration of the textile industry in the 1980’s. On the contrary, putting their faith in the quality of their products and their expertise, the company modernised and diversified. A new adventure started in 2007 with the acquisition of Maison Vrau, owner of the  Fil Au Chinois, Laine Saint-Pierre and Découvit.

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