Haberdashery Laine Saint-Pierre

Laine Saint-Pierre can be used for counted cross stitch and traditional embroidery alike. It was originally a darning wool and is still used for repairing woollies and socks, which is trending again along with the fashion for upcycling.
You can discover the history behind this brand in Madame Sajou’s Diary.
Laine Saint-Pierre gives a lovely matt finish to your embroidery, unlike traditional embroidery floss like our Retors du Nord.
Laine Saint-Pierre is presented in 4 separable strands. For general embroidery, you will need to use two strands, as in our series of pattern charts dedicated to the Bayeux Tapestry.
However, for petit point canvas work, you will need 4, sometimes 6 strands.
Laine Saint-Pierre is available on 10 metre cards, in assortment boxes and on cones.
It is made up of 50% wool and 50% polyamide, making it solid and easy to clean.

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